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A CAROL BLACKBURN – Angels – Back in 1994 Carol started her spiritual journey with earnest. Her innate curiosity brought her to the works of Edgar Cayce, Ernest Holmes, Flower A. Newhouse, Mother Meera and Paramahansa Yogananda amongst many others. Carol completed “A Course in Miracles” in 2007. Along the way, Carol was researching the subject of life after death, when she found out that the Angels are real!

Carol was always under the impression that Angels were for those who were particularly holy. She don’t quite fall into that category. In her mind she fell into the category of very regular to average. So, you can imagine her delight in finding out that Angels are real and they are here for everyone! Carol knew that she wanted to communicate with their realm. Carol immediately called to the Angels, deeply desiring to have a friendship with them.
Within a matter of weeks Carol dreamt, first of Arch Angel Michael and then of her Guardian Angels, Angela and Isaiah. Carol didn’t know Archangel Michael’s name right away but she did understand that he was a powerful and loving being. Carol met her other two Angel’s on two separate occasions. Carol met them both in her dreams. Carol was given Angela’s name right away. Isaiah’s name was given to her after she had been meditating and asked to know his name. In 2005 Carol attended her first Angel Blessing Circle with Christopher James Dilts. During the circle she asked Christopher if he could give her the name of her Guardian Angel. When he answered “Angela” it was a huge validation for Carol. Since then as a part of her continued studies Carol has attended over 150 Angel circles with Christopher. In 2009 she began leading regular Guided Angel Meditation Circles in Montreal as well as Ontario. More recently Carol has added the Guided Yeshua (AKA Jesus Christ) Meditation circles. Lately Carol have has guided by her Angelic friends… that is an important and wonderful thing to hold the Angel Circles in as many places as possible. Wherever the circles are held there is a sacred space opened. This brings wonderful energy to the environment. Carol has been giving intuitive Angel readings for over 8 years. The Angelic realm can bring us insight, comfort, sweetness, love, grace, and good humour! Some of Carol’s clients choose to study with her as they open up to their own Divine relationships. It is such a joyous blessing when she sees a client make their own Angelic connection.Carol was told by her Angels that her job is that of the Lamp Lighter. Carol can help you to light your lamp and help you to find your path, through the light and guidance that she is given by the Angels and other members of the Divine Realm. It is a great source of joy for Carol, as well as part of her life’s purpose to help others to make their own sustained Angelic connections. Carol can be reached at 514 631 5759, or emailed at alisoncblackburn@hotmail.com