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XZRS/XZBN: Warren Bobrow – Zen and the Art of Twitter

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Zen and the Art of Twitter – Wild River Review/ Wild Table editor – Warren Bobrow grew up on a farm in Morristown, NJ. A graduate of Emerson College with a degree in Film, he spent his senior year as a research assistant in visual thinking at CAVS / MIT. He worked for many years in the corporate world and doesn’t think he’ll ever go back, unless they throw a bundle of money at me and allow me to continue to write. Wild Table has bits of visual poetry, terroir and food commentaries. In addition to Wild River Review, Warren writes for, NJ Monthly, Edible Jersey, NJ Savvy Living, Chutzpah Magazine and NJ Life Magazine. Warren continues to traverse the print-scape and is now writing for the Morris Cty., NJ Daily Record for their restaurant and their features column. He appeared at the Roger Smith Food Writing Conference in NYC and gave a 14.5 minute talk on Twitter, Food Writing and Zen. Warren spoke at the #140 Conference in Philadelphia on the same topic. Zen and the Art of Twitter, Foodwriting and knowing nothing. –

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