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XZRS/XZBN: Terrence Guardino – Astrology

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Astrology – After 30 plus years as a practicing Los Angeles based Western Astrologer Terence Guardino now includes the best of Eastern Vedic teachings from ancient India in his readings. Western astrology allows for the intuition process to flow more easily, especially after years of counseling clients but Terence has discovered the powerful predictive techniques of Vedic astrology to bring more specificity into his predictions. Terence has been certified by ACVA (American College of Vedic Astrology), Level 1 and advanced Level II. If you haven’t had a reading by Terence lately you will be surprised at the depth and insights with your next session. Terence’s intuitive readings focus on future events and starts with what is happening to you now and why it is happening. The why is important because once you understand more about why something is happening to you, the better able you are to make more successful life choices. One of Terence’s strongest talents is interpreting the major crossroads or life passages that we all experience at some point in our future. Not only can Terence provide the timings of these important energy shifts but also bring insight as to why it was necessary in the evolution of your life journey. Understanding the big picture of one’s life lessons and challenges helps one become more empowered and less fearful as you learn to take charge of your own healing and development. The main gift of astrology is that it provides a guide for understanding the self and gaining insight into one’s dharmic life purpose.

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