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XZRS/XZBN: Stephane Risley – Both Sides Now

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Stephanie Riseley has been having sex with her husband. That statement, in itself, may not shock you – the fact that “Dan the man” has been dead for a couple of years now might. In Love From Both Sides (Findhorn Press/Paperback/$17.95) Stephanie Riseley describes an astonishing phenomenon – the return of the love of her life, from the other side. When Dan passes away suddenly, unbearable grief almost consumes his heartbroken wife. While she is deep in despair, Stephanie claims Dan comes back to her. Its not just messages from the other side either. Riseley describes how they continue their emotional and their physical relationship. While many of us suspect that the deep emotional bonds we share with our loved ones never die, few ever claim to experience love beyond the grave. If they do, we dismiss them as crackpots. Indeed, Riseley is incredulous when she first experiences Dan’s attempts to contact her. What makes Love From Both Sides hard to dismiss however, is the unmitigated raw emotion she shares and the authentic descriptions of her interactions with Dan. Riseley admits that this unusual experience affects her relationships with the living, her stepson, close friends, extended family, with whom she shares the story. Despite their skepticism and concern for her sanity, Riseley continues to believe it to be real. She is courageous in her exploration of love, bonding and forgiveness and the way in which they might transcend the physical boundaries of life and death. Eventually, she meets others who share with her their own similar experiences. This is a pure and poignant account of love and the after life that melts the skepticism of any reader. Ultimately, Love From Both Sides becomes a moving testament to the power of love. –

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