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XZRS/xzbn: Sir Richard Heygate – Endangered Species

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Endangered Species – Sir Richard inherited his Baronetcy and business acumen from his ancestor, Sir William Heygate, who was a well known Lord Mayor of London and personal banker to the Regency. On his mothers side, he is descended from a long line of Celtic Kings and Queens, and for a time ran the family estates in Ireland. He is the author of “Endangered Species”, co-authored with cousin and best friend, Michael Daunt. Research for the book introduced him to England’s extraordinary history as the centre of the emerging interest in Magic, and the latter day magicians who have brought it to a worldwide public both in Europe and the United States. This experience lead him to write “The Book of English Magic” with Philip Carr-Gomm. He continues to combine writing about unusual subjects with a business career in high technology – the latest example being a global internet venture.

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