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XZRS/XZBN: Rosalie Strawcutter – Psychic, Medium

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Rosalie considers herself a Clairvoyant Medium and define her gifts in the following fashion: Clairsentience; Clairaudience; Clairalience; Clairgustance; Claircognizance. Together she uses some or all of the above to receive information from the connections she makes with you, your energy, and the energy that flows around you which makes her the definition of Clairvoyant. During a reading , Rosalie often channels those in spirit. Rosalie is a vessel they use to deliver information to you. Therefore, she is by definition a Medium. She does not consider herself a Psychic, although she will answer as one simply because it is easier than explaining all of the above. People call her a psychic and I am listed as one. She has been gifted this way since she was a child and presumably a baby. Although blessed, at times this “gift” was not such a gift to her. Rosalie had to battle and then learn to accept a lot of things which challenged her stereotypical religious upbringing. Her guides, or as Rosalie calls them, “peeps or people” on the other side have been with her since they passed from this physical plane. She was with them at that moment in time so they in turn, help her, help you. They act in giving her information and they act as interpreter for your loved ones in spirit who cannot speak for themselves. Rosalie is direct, and at times blunt. There will be no doubt that the information coming in is for you from someone who knows and loves YOU. She can feel your physical pain, weep from your heartache or joy, or sing silly songs from your family. Rosalie never knows what is going to happen or how the messages will be delivered. She stays open so that all of those above can join us in love and present to you their messages and what she feels, hears, smells, tastes and knows. Rosalie has a great sense of humor, one has to when dealing with those in spirit, and she genuinely gets excited with each and every reading. She absolutely loves helping others and she is grateful and thankful that she has been chosen to act for you in this manner. –

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