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Welcome to The 'X' Zone Radio Show.... a place where Fact is Fiction and Fiction is Reality where Canadian broadcaster and media personality, the host, creator and executive producer, Rob McConnell has been at the helm of this Internationally syndicated terrestrial radio and satellite programming since 1990 and broadcasting/producing TV programming, commercials, and specials since 1981.

XZRS/XZBN: Rochelle Sparrow – Psychic

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Psychic – Rochelle Sparrow has been in the psychic field for many years. Her mother and grandmother were psychic and she has recently found out, part of her family is Native American, Blackfoot. She believes her psychic abilities have also been inherited through her tribe. Having a interest in helping people, Rochelle obtained her Masters in Social Work and worked professionally as a therapist, before developing her business as a psychic. She has been on numerous radio shows; such as the X zone and Coast to Coast. Rochelle was featured on Shirley Maclaine’s web site for years and was number three in the country in Alex Tsksaris’s psychic tests. She is a published writer and wrote Within the Power of Universal Mind, through Schiffer. Rochelle has featured articles in the Sedona Journal and ran a psychic column for several magazines, Ask Rochelle. Rochelle had her own radio show, which she interviewed people like Fred Alan Wolfe, PhD, from What theBleep do We Know? She has taught several workshops across the U.S., including psychic development classes and a workshop at the Carl Jung Institute. She appeared on television and helped numerous people through psychic information.

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