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XZRS/XZBN: Ralph Ellis – King Arthur Is Really Jesus of Nazareth

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RALPH ELLIS – King Arthur Is Really Jesus of Nazareth – Ralph Ellis has been researching biblical history for more than thirty years, to a degree and depth that very few other researchers manage to reach. His research is purely historical, and places all the characters and events within the biblical narrative back into the historical record. This has required some adjustment of the biblical chronology, but this is never done without justification. The result of these endeavors is ten books that explain almost every facet of biblical history, in purely historical terms. Remarkably, it would appear that the majority of the biblical record is a fairly reliable account of real historical events – the fundamental events that have shaped and formed Western civilisation. So the Bible is history, but Ralph will leave it to others to explore and explain the spiritual aspects of this great historical narrative.

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