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XZRS/XZBN: Nic and Mike Sebastien – The Dream Team

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The Dream Team – Co-Founders of “The Dream Team – Celebrity Life Coaching” and Creators of the “Trust Yourself System” and “Trust Yourself Therapy” Visionaries, Nicole and Michael Sebastian, M.A., ABD aka “The Dream Team” are Celebrity Life Coaches, Expert Decision Coaches, Authors, Celebrity Dream Experts, Certified Addictions Counselor, DUI Specialist and Behavioral Sociologist. Known as Modern-Day Oracles, they deliver Wise-Counsel using Traditional Methods coupled with the Unique Tools of Dreams, Sound, Synchronicity, Intuition, and Quantum Physics for Guidance and Direction. This is what “Trust Yourself” is all about. Authors of: “TRUST YOURSELF: Master Your Dreams, Master Your Destiny,” “The Ancient Way of Knowing…TRUST YOURSELF SYSTEM: The Ultimate Guide to Making Any Decision, Avoiding Adversity and Never Getting Blind-Sided Again, “TRUST YOURSELF THERAPY: 9 Steps to a Quantum Transformation,” “SOCIOLOGY OF SOUL: A Spiritual Wake-up Call,” and “1-Step Solution…JUST SAY HU: The Universal Panacea.” The Sebastians are co-founders of “Soul Mates R Us.” A Relationship-Dating Service specializing in Spiritual Connections. Their tools and techniques provide a methodology for opening a window to personal transformation and spiritual unfoldment. –

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