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XZRS/XZBN: Jeff Knott – What Would Happen If The US Would Be Hit With A Mega Earthquake?

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Jeff Knott, born in England, a resident of Florida- is the author of “Navigating the Healthcare Maze” which was published last August by DCPress and available presently on 4 Continents and in all major book stores, Amazon and Kindle. Jeff is a frequent guest on worldwide live radio, satellite and TV programs. He has covered over 100 million U.S. households and more worldwide in the last year speaking on healthcare self empowerment in today’s US healthcare environment and U.S. healthcare reform proposals. Most recently he has appeared twice on Montel Williams’ popular Airamerica show one-on-one with Montel on healthcare self-empowerment, also on worldwide FOXBUSINESSNEWS TV in a 4 panel live one hour discussion on President Obama’s Healthcare proposals. Last week, one one day! he appeared live on FOXNEWSRADIO on 11 affiliated stations across the country as Healthcare Policy Analyst reviewing President Obama’s press conference last Wednesday. He has read the over 1,000 page Healthcare Reform Bill and is up to date by the day of what is going on in Washington relative to healthcare reform proposals. Jeff spent 20 years with Johnson and Johnson, in their Professional Products Division. While at Johnson and Johnson, he was responsible for over 120 countries, and is very familiar with the worldwide healthcare systems and industry. Jeff is one of the selected U.S. business leaders of the Initiative for Global Development-co-founded by William Gates Snr., co-chaired by Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright, on eliminating poverty in Africa and “watch dogging” our Federal aid to Africa. His overall passion for healthcare and his experience of personal and family major surgery experiences, has culminated in his personal commitment to make a difference. In his words, he wants all of us to “stay well.” He is in the process of writing a new book to be released in November. Visit Jeff’s website at

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