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XZRS/XZBN: Aria Norman – Psychic

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Psychic – Aria Norman has read for thousands of people since her professional independence in 2006. An energy healer since 1994, taught by Mark Earlix and several other teachers, Aria found out “by accident” she was psychic when she was minding her own happy business giving energy healings. She was giving professional psychic readings within a few weeks of finding out she had the ability. Aria is a psychic reader, psychic development coach for professional psychics, a psychic development workshop leader, a public speaker, and psychic entertainer. Her huge appeal is unusual, because most people in her industry who are at her level and beyond do predictions. Aria does not do predictions of dates and times, nor predictions of world catastrophes nor celebrity breakups, nor does she participate in ghost hunting or crime research. She is not a Spirit Medium. All the popular things in paranormal she DOESN’T do!! Why is Aria so popular if she does none of these things? For one, she’s irreverently humorous. She’s a joy to hang out with. Also, she loves linear behavior, and deeply respects science. Most of all she can read people’s true, more true, and deepest truest selves, going well beyond the surface. Most of all, this fact is standing the test of time, she understands her psychic gift to be mechanical. She trains her clients and students how to use psychic ability like a machine. Think of it this way. It’s not holy, it’s not spooky, it’s NORMAL. Aria’s message to the world is, “Someday we will all know our natural-born snowflake-like unique psychic gifts. We will be able to chat at a coffee shop and say casually “I saw in my clairvoyance the other day this cool incoming information, let me tell you. . . .” Our coffee companion will be feeling our excitement as though she IS us at our clairvoyant info via their empathic ability. Our waitress may say “I just heard Be there” when I walked by your table. I’m not sure where, but let me know what you think that means f you have time.” Our children will not be so depressed or unmanageable in their teen years because they will have functional useful NORMAL knowledge of the psychic part of he human machine–they will have a mental grip on the psychic and etheric changes that happen at puberty, activated by the fast and extreme hormonal changes. Aria’s message to the world is NOT to develop your intuition, but to know it well it’s it’s original state at birth. It’s normal. There’s a lot to know after knowing the very specific birth gifts. Aria has answers to the questions about this and relationships an business, too. She and her guides are very semantically exacting. When she’s “ON” psychically, she will communicate her answers exactly. –

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