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XZRS/XZBN: Alexandra Bruce – 2012-Apocalypse or Hollywood Hype

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2012: Apocalypse or Hollywood Hype? – From Internet hype and television doomsday specials to the release of 2012, the “mother of all disaster movies,” fear mongering about the Mayan end-of-time prediction is everywhere. Will the world really end on December 12, 2012? Alexandra Bruce surveys the entire 2012 landscape and separates fact from fantasy for your audience, covering topics like the Yellowstone Supervolcano, geomagnetic pole shifts, Earth crustal displacement, the mysterious Planet X, the real Mayan calendar and actual predictions, and much more. Alexandra Bruce is the author of five non-fiction books about popular culture, science and spirituality. Her latest book is 2012: SCIENCE OR SUPERSTITION? –

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