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XZRS: Sharon Lynn Wyeth – Know the Name – Neimology

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Sharón Lynn Wyeth [Shah-rone-Lin-why-ith] is an internationally acclaimed neimologist and award-winning author who specializes in guiding people by leading them towards more purposeful lives, and helps them towards more meaningful social interactions in their business and interpersonal relationships.

Wyeth is a frequent featured guest in both the national and international media. She is presently working on her fourth book which is the last in the series that shows how to interpret names. This includes her best-selling book, which has won an award for excellence in writing, “Know the Name; Know the Person” as well as “Know the Name; Know the Spirit” and “Know the Name; Know How to Connect”. Wyeth is the founder and creator of Neimology® Science, the ability to know an individual’s personality traits by utilizing the letters in their name. In her decades of studies and research on all major and esoteric modalities all over the world, she has visited over seventy-seven countries, including working or living in China, Japan, India, Russia and Australia, spanning six continents. Wyeth is a highly sought-after consultant who applies her knowledge of multiple modalities in her work with governments, organizations, and businesses.

Over the years, she has been able to support thousands of people around the world in understanding themselves and others better. Today she assists HR departments of different businesses and organizations in narrowing down the candidates to be interviewed, assists lawyers in how to present cases to judges, and aids couples and families on how to better communicate with each other. Wyeth also creates names for new businesses, new products, and when people wish to change their names.

Coupled with her wisdom is her compassion and purity of thought. Her wish is for each individual to aspire and live to their best and highest and to help in working with others towards a more harmonious and better world. To learn more about Sharón Lynn Wyeth and her work visit

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