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XZRS: Erik Stearns – A “Stearns” Look At The World

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Erik Stearns is a man of many disciplines, ranging from test and accessibility analyst in the software industry, to being an intuitive, shaman, and healer, to musician, and journalist and writer. He has also worked on the X-Zone program as the news and paranormal Bureau chief. In 1995, he got into researching remote viewing, then a few years later, started the Synergy Research Consortium to teach people from many walks of life, remote viewing and other developed intuitive techniques. That lead to him in addition being a practicing intuitive and reader, he was exposed to the world of Reiki. He now holds Master Teacher certifications in three different modalities and has been asked to develop his own heling modality based on his training in various aspects of shamanism.

In addition to his technical and spiritual endeavors, he is also a musician and working on his new book, the Spiritual Development Live Cycle, a book dedicated to helping people find and develop their own spiritual paths using some basic techniques and concepts used in the software development world. He’s also an accomplished musician who just rereleased his material, which is widely available for streaming and purchasing online.

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