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XZRS/2019: Preston Dennett – The Healing Power of UFOs

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Are ETs healing humans?

The answer, of course, is yes! In this landmark book, The Healing Power of UFOs, leading UFO researcher, Preston Dennett, presents a fascinating compilation of more than 300 cases of people who have been healed by extraterrestrials. Supported by firsthand eyewitness testimonies, stretching back more than 100 years to the present day, coming from across the United States and the world, this book proves that healing humans is one of the primary alien agendas on our planet.

Verified by doctors and leading UFO researchers, the UFO healing cases represent incontrovertible evidence of UFO reality.

Preston Dennett has been documenting and researching healing cases for more than 25 years and is the world’s leading expert on UFO healing accounts. This landmark book is the culmination of his research and settles the question once and for all that medical healings as the result of a UFO encounter do actually happen.

The healings include a wide variety of conditions. Injuries and flesh wounds, colds, flu and infections, serious diseases–all have been cured by ETs. Inside you will find:
•More than 70 healings of injuries.
•More than 50 healings of colds, minor illnesses and ailments.
•More than 120 healings of serious illnesses and chronic diseases.
•More than 40 healings of cancer.
•Cases involving “health upgrades.”
•Cases involving healings of animals and even plants.
•A study of the connection between UFO abductions and psychic healing.
•Accounts in which people have been “rescued” by ETs.
•A study of miraculous cures from angels, NDEs, OBEs, lightning strikes, past life therapy, Native American ceremonial healings and more.
•Evidence that our governments have obtained UFO healing technology and are using it for themselves.

Who is being healed and why? What types of ETs are doing the healing? How are these healings being done? Are ETs our friends or foes? This massive 500-page book dives into the heart of the phenomenon and answers all these questions and more. Ignored for far too long, the UFO healing cases show a positive aspect to a phenomenon that has been saturated with disinformation for decades. The truth can no longer be denied. The aliens have arrived and as this book will show, one of their primary missions is the healing of all humanity.


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