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XZRS/2019: John and Bea Brugge – World Paranormal Investigations

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World Paranormal Investigations – John and Bea Brugge are the Founders/Presidents of World Paranormal Investigations, LLC. The organization was founded in July of 2004. They organized the team with a couple of friends in the United Kingdom. The thought was that 2 separate countries could join together and investigate reports of the paranormal. Since 2004, they have conducted over 200 investigations. Their first major case was The Roff Home AKA the Watseka Wonder House in Watseka, Illinois. It is the location of the very first reported case of possession in the United States. John and Bea have traveled to the United Kingdom investigating locations in the West Midlands. In the early 90’s Bea traveled to London, England where she was able to visit the location of Stonehenge. World Paranormal Investigations uses both scientific and spiritual methods of investigating. John is a Spiritual Medium and has helped several families. He will go into a location with no knowledge or history. In October 2012, John and Bea met Tony and Victoria Vardon at an event they were holding called SHOCKtober. Tony and Victoria came as guests to promote Ghost Walk Studios’ award winning film, The Farm. December of the same year Tony and Victoria joined World Paranormal Investigations. Victoria has been involved with Ghost Walk Studios since 2006 where she was hired as a model for the company. Since her past days of modeling she eventually learned the business of filmmaking. She is now a Producer with Ghost Walk Studios where she is currently making films. While working with Ghost Walk Studios, her love for music landed her a position working with bands as a Manager/Promoter. Tony is an award winning illustrator with over 18 years of being a freelance artist. Some of his clients include The Booth Brothers, Spooked TV Productions, Robbie Thomas, Radiograph Pictures, Dark Siege Comics, Haunted Path Magazine, Fairway Auto Sales, EB Games, CO-OP Optical, Bea Brugge. Tony is the Art Director with Ghost Walk Studios and works along the sides of Rocky Karlage and Victoria. A couple of years ago, John and Bea were approached about filming a Anti-bullying PSA. John and Bea along with Victoria and Tony Vardon wrote the script. The PSA was filmed and edited by Steve Olander and the movie was submitted to Young Productions 36 and Asphyxiated Films for the movie Psychotic State. Psychotic State is about a young man that was bullied all of his life and as a grown up he quits taking his medication only to get revenge on those that tormented him as a child. The same year, John and Bea filmed the PSA they were asked to film an episode of Dead People See Me. It was for the premiere episode for The GTN TV Network. Through the years, WPI has been featured in several media outlets; WMJI 105.7, Action 19 News, The Ghostville Times, X-Zone Radio, Bluefield Daily Press (West Virginia), West Virginia South Magazine, WVVA-TV, Sun Newspaper, The Kent Stater, The Wacky World of Sal Lizard Radio Show, The Malliard Report, The Uncommon Geek, ZTOTV (Zombie Takeover TV), 2 Rockin’ Cousins Radio Show, Talent Monthly Magazine, The Left N’ Right Show, Kinte Indyshowcase, The Keith Harris Show. This is just to name a few. In 2013, John and Bea went to work as Producers for Sal Lizard’s radio show, The Wacky World of Sal Lizard. Sal approached them in 2014 about a radio show of their own. With much thought they launched The Erie Hours with WPI in July of 2014. In early 2015, the team created and is currently working on their own television show called WPI Seeking The Truth. World Paranormal Investigations is behind the creation and production of it. Along with World Paranormal Investigations, Dad and Chad Productions will be working in Association with the show. The show is set to premiere in Fall of 2015. Victoria approached John and Bea about World Paranormal Investigations being in a paranormal documentary about a little girl named, Lilly. The film is going to be called Lilly’s Cry. Victoria and Rocky brought them on as Co-Producers of the film. Filming began in June 2015. They will also be working on other projects with Ghost Walk Studios. WPI is featured in a few books. Bea wrote a piece that was included in Jeff Belanger’s book, Encyclopedia of Haunted Places: Ghostly Locales From Around The World. Other works that WPI can be found in is I Think My House is Haunted by Joanne Emmons and Haunted Akron by Jeri Holland. In August of 2014, Bea published her first book, Killing From Inside. Tony Vardon designed the cover for Bea’s book. Both John (Author) and Bea (Co-Author) are working on a book of WPI cases coming out in 2015; W.P.I The First 10 Years: A Haunting Journey with World Paranormal Investigations. John and Bea are big into charity work and helping others. They have done a lot of work for Hattie Larlham Foundation in Mantua, Ohio. August 16, 2014 they were the pr

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