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XZRS/2019: Gary Foutz – UFO’s, Death, The Military and a Ride For His Life

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Gary Foutz has been in the Paranormal Field for about 25 years studying UFOs, Bigfoot, Paranormal Activity and other local unsolved mysteries. Gary claims that a friend of his, Danny Gordon the news director at WYVE was so involved into the UFO field the that Gordon’s home had been broken into, cameras and film stolen, and that even Gordon’s son was shot at point blank range while attending a friends party to prove a point – the suspects wore suits and Gary believes that law enforcement covered up the murder by not investigating the case thoroughly – and believes that the military is involved. Gary tells of a time when he was driving with a friend that they were followed by a black sedan with tinted windows. Gary claims that he feared for his life. Did he call the Police? No. Listen to the interview and judge for yourself.

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