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XZBN/XZRS: Richard Alabone – Trance, Telepathy, Evolution

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Trance. Telepathy, Evolution – Richard Alabone is a retired research and development engineer with several patents to his name having worked on radar, film and TV equipment. Latterly, he spent nine years as a technical manager in the civil service / government information. The technical knowledge he has gained from his work experiences has enhanced his critical perspective and he has often posed the questions of HOW and WHY to many of life’s barriers. This has led him, after encountering telepathy on a few occasions, to examine HOW and WHY we have experiences considered paranormal. The author’s analysis of the evidence reveals that most paranormal experiences are due to trance, which is shown to have evolved in humans as a necessary part of consciousness. The rest of the paranormal is the result of a perfectly natural ability which is nearly always subconsciously suppressed:- telepathy. An in-depth study of telepathy reveals a chain of evidence that speaks for itself, and leads to a hypothesis explaining HOW and WHY telepathy is a fact of life. He is a member of the Society for Psychical Research, also the Scientific and Medical Network, and for 60 years he has studied psychic experiences being convinced that there must be a rational explanation. Sublimity is his first publication which consolidates all of his many years of research, into an intelligently crafted and readable book. Richard Alabone also enjoys beekeeping and is a local jazz musician playing the cornet.

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