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Lieutenant Marion Milton Magruder, ace fighter pilot during World War II and commander of the legendary night fighter squadron “Black Mac’s Killers”. After his distinguished service during the war, Magruder found himself at the Air War College located at Maxwell field in Montgomery, Alabama. His class was populated by what the U.S. military considered “the best of the best” and included ranks from lieutenant colonels all the way to generals. Magruder’s son related the story, as told to him by his late father, of the instance where Magruder and his classmates were all led to a room to offer advice on a “…strategic decision of the utmost urgency and importance regarding military and political planning.” They were then shown, what they were told was, pieces of an interplanetary craft that had been recovered by the U.S. Military and shipped from an Air Force base in Ohio. Magruder would add more to the story, when on his deathbed, that not only did the military keep recovered craft at this secretive military base, but also the bodies of the extraterrestrial pilots of these craft. This case file, join the Theorists as they shred on their intergalactic mind-guitars within Hangar 18 located on the one and only…Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

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