WOLF MAN / PUMPKINHEAD: Cursed Creatures

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A curse on you and your family! JK JK That’d be pretty terrible wouldn’t it? 

This month, the Cadaver Dogs explore two films dealing with ancient curses in which main characters trade their humanity – or lose it – and become a beast of vengeance! Starting way back to the classic Universal horror movie that started Hollywood’s love for werewolves with THE WOLF MAN (1941, dr. George Waggner). David, Devin, and Rob look at how WWII influenced the tragic figure of Larry Talbot and dig into the history of the Romani people. We also gawk at the stars that pack this film: Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi, AND Claude Raines?? Then, fast forward to the f*ed up 80s with creature feature (or slasher?) PUMPKINHEAD (1988, dir. Stan Winston). No Reagan talk this time, but we do touch on the Rust Belt. Do we find curses more tragic or vilifying? How are they a source of “othering” in horror? And why are werewolves so damn awesome!?


03:49 – Carrie

30:30: – The Exorcism of Emily Rose

57:05 – Comparisons

1:05:55 – Bone Reviews


Up Next: GET OUT (2017) /  THE SKELETON KEY (2005)


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“Fascination and Hatred: The Roma in European Culture

’” by The National WWII Museum



“Under A Swastika Moon: 80 Years Of THE WOLF MAN” by Rich Johnson




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Cover art by Omri Kadim. Theme by Adaam James Levin Areddy. Music featured in this episode: “Lurking in the Shadows” by Liam Seagrave and HCN.