Witness to a Demonic Thing at Cannock, Mark’s Interview Part 1.

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Mark is a 46 year old ex serviceman who is sharing his experiences from Cannock Chase. Mark feels that many of his experiences happened at times of stress of when his mood is low. His first encounter was at the Castle ring, to the left of the ring there is a track. Mark was sitting in the car with his girlfriend and needed to relieve himself. As he was answering a call of nature he saw something he will never forget.

What he saw was demonic, he was pure black, with red eyes. It must have been 71/2 ft tall. It had fur or hair, which had smudges of blood or dirt. It had big jaw, it had the features of a wildman, Mark felt it was showing itself in that appearance. He felt it was purely demonic, it excuded threat and fear. What was worse was the ‘Thing’ was enjoying his fear. It had a sinister grin and was clearly enjoying it. Mark was completely paralysed with fear. Its lower mandible was very large, almost mis matched with the appearance.

Mark knew it was enjoying itself and feeding from him. It moved a couple of inches and vanished. It didnt walk off, it just vanished. For all it was only a small fraction of time I will never forget it. When it left I was just standing there paralysed. Even after serving as a soldier I never experienced fear like this.

I was transfixed on its eyes as they were red and evil. All I can remember was the hair/fur that was smeared and its jaw. It didnt walk into view, it just appeared right there in front of me. Walking back to the car all I could think of was how I would explain to my girlfriend what had just happened. I was trying to be as cool and calm as possible but I persuaded her to move to another area closer to Gentleshaw. I was a bit embarrassed and confused. I almost felt like I had a complete reboot. I have never doubted this experience at any point through life. The eyes on this thing were the worst, the features from the chest up were so hard to understand, let alone explain. It felt like an Alpha male. That exuded from it.

Mark said It never made a noise, no growl, no snarl just silence. It leant forward and vanished. Mark was convinced his action of relieving himself may have started the encounter as years later he was again caught short and had another experience. Even though it was misty on the chase that is not unusual for that area. In future encounters Mark had a warning feeling, he trusted that, but on this first encounter there was no warning, no sign of anything out of place. Any experience that followed this event was much easier for Mark to handle. This event challenged my belief system, and that was a struggle for me. Back then I was a bit of a lukewarm Christian. Now I am a born again Christian. This was the real first major event that sent me in a whole other direction.

To hear the rest of Mark’s experience listen to the full interview. Part 2 will follow next week.