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This week we are joined by a very special misfit: Dr. Emily Zarka, the monster expert from PBS Monstrum! Dr. Z chats with Steve and Emmy about the folklore and origins of monsters, her love of the Vermont Lake Monsters baseball team, her favorite cryptids, and so much more. In fact, she and Steve have both seen a Jackalope — coincidence? Next, Emmy does a deep dive into one of the monsters we learned about during our conversation with Dr. Z, the Manananggal. She’s a badass blood sucking half-woman and half-bat, who just happens to lose the bottom half of her body each day at dusk. Talk about a rough night! Steve rounds out our strange-being-centered convo by telling the story of the McGuire Space Alien — basically, some dude panicked and shot an alien on an airplane tarmac, but the ET was never seen again. Spooky!

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