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IN THIS EPISODE: I’ll tell you about the sad death of John Sellers, which teaches us that if you must pass from this earthly realm, at least be considerate enough to do so in a way and at a time that is the most convenient for those around you. (A Case of Criminal Neglect) *** In October you can find haunted house attractions on just about every street corner, with a multitude of themes – haunted asylums, ghost hospitals, zombies in cellars, and hell houses. But in 1905, visitors to Coney Island were treated to a different kind of Hell attraction all year long, not just in October. It was a boat ride that, for the cost of one dime, was meant to literally scare the hell out of you. (Coney Island’s Hell Gate) *** What type of person raises a young girl, telling everyone she is their daughter, and then years later marries her? That’s just part of “The Disturbing Story of Sharon Marshall.” *** A man wakes up one morning to find his entire family has been handcuffed – and the paranormal is to blame! (Ghost Handcuffs Family) *** It has happened to all of us. Something will disappear, and then come back later or relocate to somewhere else before we find it again. It could be car keys or a wallet, or maybe an important paper. Why does this happen? (Just One Of Those Things)

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BOOK: “JOTT: When Things Disappear… Then Come Back or Relocate… And Why It Really Happens” by Mary Rose Barrington: https://amzn.to/31v0Uv2
EPISODE: “How Do I Know If My House is Haunted”: https://weirddarkness.com/archives/7740

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