Why do ghosts like the basement? | Best of RGSO

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Why do ghosts like the basement? Childhood fears and anxiety often lead young People to avoid the basement. As adults we look back on this thinking Maybe it’s because of the darkness, the cold floors, noises from the furnace, anything accept what it may actually be: paranormal activity.
Are basements the hiding places for the dead? Do ghost like the basement because it’s a place they can be alone and at peace? Or do some ghost like the basement because it’s where they can find their victims all alone late at night?
Today on real ghost stories online we hear a shocking story about a haunted basement. One child learns as an adult that their fear of the basement was not unfounded at all. In fact, it was very real and very shocking. Well sometimes the basement may be filled with natural noises of an aging house, other times it may be filled with muffled groans of those who once lived in it.

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