Why Did They Run From Ghosts? Best Of RGSO

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What did a child experience that mad them run like the wind to get home?
Here is a preview of the story.
“My heart stops and I turn white it was probably only a second or two, but it felt like an hour tile I turned and ran home as fast as I could. Things were somewhat normal for a while. I was at my friend’s house, and his stepdad was taking me home, when he turned down my street he said “hey I know this street, when I was about your age, I was in a band with a buddy that lived on the end of the street. I haven’t been over here since…. well …since his sister went missing.” My stomach sank, the only thing I could think is this is confirmation. I get dropped off and run inside and lose my mind. Am I crazy? Am I really dreaming of a cold case of a neighbor girl killed a decade plus ago and buried in the orange Grove near my house? So, I decided to just go on with life and just live with it because who can I tell, who’s going to listen. If someone does dig there and a body is turns up what then? Oh, hey Mr Policeman I just randomly dug this one spot in this abandoned orange Grove and found a body. Suspicious. I have pretty blue eyes I’m not fit for prison, and I know it. But back on track with the story a couple weeks later that same buddy is over, and I tell him everything, so he comes up with the great idea of a Ouija board and makes one on notebook paper and use a guitar pick as the finger thing, turned off the lights light a candle.”

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