Who Was This Tormenting Dark Figure? | Horror Podcast

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Was a dark entity preying on the struggles of a person, trying to make them feel crazy and unhinged?
Here is a preview of the story.
“I explained to my mom I felt like the atmosphere was evil and heavy, hard to breathe. I moved out coming to treatment after using a handful of sleeping pills to try and rest. I have had dreams of that same apartment where I am rushing to move out and items move, I feel afraid and when I try to wake up, I am unable to breath or move. The last dream was me standing outside looking in and seeing a dark black figure walk from my room to the living room. I had dreams of a black woman identifying as Jesus Christ telling me if I do not get help, I will go to hell. I had a dream of the black figure offering me a way out of my anxiety, fears, and self-hate. In my new apartment I started feeling the same heaviness and guilt, trying to kill myself failed and shortly after I started seeing a black figure that looked like a little boy running from room to room. The door had opened on its own, and I heard a voice scream “leave him alone” when I had prayed to the decease relative for help.”

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