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THE UNDEAD TRAIL: Where Death Comes Uninvited – episode 4

Jim Wilkes, Sheriff of Liberty Gulch, and his deputy Abe Farrow, have tracked the murderous town mayor into the desert, only to have him get the drop on them, take them captive, and to reveal that he is a shape-shifting monster. The mayor has left them to be taken captive by the local Indian tribe, on whose lands they have been trespassing in their pursuit of the mayor. CHRONOSPHERE FICTION

 Written by Craig Robotham


Jason D Johnson : Narrator

Jim Wilkes : Pete Lutz

Ilana Labourine : Annie Deemes

Paul Arbisi : Abe Farrow

Rich Greene : Dan Wilson 

Anne Ghrist : Crow’s Shadow

Katelin Curtis : Leaping Toad

Joe Stofko : Chief of the Tribe

Daniel French at Fishbonius Sound Design : Production, Editing, Foley, Sound Design, Music, Mixing, Mastering