What They Saw was a Sasquatch – Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 336

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Tonight’s guest, Donna, had her 1st Sasquatch-related experience in the summer of 2017. It was around 10 PM, that night and Donna was sitting outside her 2nd home, with her sister. It was a quiet night, and they were enjoying themselves. All of a sudden, the 2 of them heard loud vocalizations that went on for roughly 10 minutes. Neither of them had a clue what was making the noises. After trying to figure out what had made those sounds, for a short while, they disregarded what they had heard and went on with their night. Later on, that night, both of them saw a very dark silhouette, that was about 8 feet-tall, gliding from tree to tree. The sight of that huge, dark, figure dashing from tree to tree terrified them, so they ran into the house and locked the door. They thought they had seen a demon, but what they had seen was a Sasquatch.

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