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Are you ready to open The Ghost Files? Karina Machado – author of Spirit Sisters and Love Never Dies – has spent a lifetime listening to real people’s real stories of spooky encounters. Now, tune in to The Ghost Files podcast every week as Karina brings you a spine-tingling conversation with an everyday person who’s had a brush with something out of this world – from chilling apparitions, to mysterious signs from beyond, visits from late loved ones, and much more, these moments are inexplicable and compelling. The people opening up about their experiences could be your neighbour, hairdresser or the mum at the school gate … because, after all, everyone’s got a story. Subscribe to The Ghost Files for your weekly fix of all new stories of the unexplained.

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“What six past lives have taught me”

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From at least the age of 4, my guest, Tegan Vandenberg, has been close to the spirit world. As a little girl, she could accurately predict events that would befall those around her, and has always been able to sense and see spirit people, both in her dreams and waking life. These gifts followed Tegan into her adult years.

Tegan has also always felt drawn to the topic of past lives, and has a deeply felt affinity with medieval times, in particular. Yet despite her fascination with the idea, she didn’t take steps to delve deeper until May 2019, when a challenging time in her life prompted her to seek a past-life regression. You’ll be astounded when you hear what happened next…

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