What Chiron’s placement means for my sign in Astrology ft Lisa Tahir

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A big portion of our fate is written in the stars including our wounds and how we deal with trauma and hurt and in this episode we chat with Lisa Tahir, the author of The Chiron Effect all about how we can use astrology to heal our traumas, our wounds.

In this episode we chat:

  • Astrology
  • The Chiron Effect
  • What Chiron means for the US’s astrology
  • self soothe vs self care
  • the best time for shadow work
  • What Chiron’s placement in your natal chart means for you
  • How to begin to heal  your wounds and trauma with Chiron
  • and more

Get Lisa’s book : http://bit.ly/thechironeffect

Get The Magick and Mediums Oracle and The Slavic Oracle: https://www.magickandmediums.com