What Are You A F***ing Child? A Creepy Pasta Special

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Hey spooky spooky Misfits! This special creepy-but-not-so-creepy episode features two friends of the show, Austin and Ryan. We dive into some ~creepy pastas~, or spooky internet stories that may just be our own. Did Austin actually get captured by a man and a pink suit at gunpoint, only to get shot in the leg multiple times and survive to tell the tale? Did Emmy’s family actually get murdered years ago — and she’s just been talking to ghosts this whole time? Did Ryan fall victim to an infamous child game villain? Is Steve drunk or just bad at telling stories? Ya gotta listen to find out! If you want to hear more from Steve and Emmy, remember to tune in every Thursday for more mind-blowing and hysterical content. You can also check out our blog on our website: misfitsandmysteries.com
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