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FIVE Commissioned Stories from an Author – ENJOY!

Story #1 – Werewolves raid a town and one of them bites a child who becomes a werewolf slayer, despite being a werewolf himself.

Story #2 – A man wanders a desert seeking travellers and offering them one wish, that leads to a horrible repeating event that traps the man in a cycle of pain and suffering.

Story #3 – There is a forest that lures unsuspecting campers, into the centre of a tree maze that gets thicker and thicker, where teenagers disappear one by one.

Story #4 – Vampires live in New York and are slowly invading the city, taking over the underground. One man witnesses their first victim, and begins preparing for his first fight.

Story #5 – There is one human left alive in a society of robots, and the robots keep him alive, dealing with horrific pain, with his only outlet being a finale of death.

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