Welsh Cryptids Prt 1. Far More Than Dragons Stalk Here. Van Life and the Creatures We See.

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The Great Dragon is very close to my heart. It is something I loved as a child, I first found my Dragons in fables and mythical novels as a child. Now as an adult the Dragon lines are something I research whenever the opportunity arises. I am convinced the Ley lines are the key to understanding the many strange creatures people see and also the answer to the many reports of unexplained and supernatural events.

When we think of Dragons our first thoughts go to Wales. A noble Country that once stretched through what is now Cumbria to almost kiss the Caledonia Border. But would it surprise you to know Wales is home to far more than just our fire breathing kin. The legends of Giants, Werewolves and Wolf headed men stretch far back in time. And there are also many modern day reports made. Bear-men and Bigfoot, Large Cats and Invisible Beings who stalk campers and hikers. Van Dwellers increasingly report encounters with the unseen.

Over the last few years people who live in converted vehicles that tour the country are reporting more and more weird events. Contained in these reports are a number of reports that came into me through the van dwelling community.

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