Welcome to Cretaceous Park! Dinosaurs, Paleontology and Dino Cryptids? With Paleontologist Nazir Ibriham

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Get ready for a dinotastic episode, Misfits! This week Steve and Emmy talk to their favorite paleontologist, Nizar Ibriham (to be fair, he’s the only paleontologist we know, but he’s still pretty cool). He tells us everything from how we know what dinosaurs looked like and ate, to his top 5 dinosaurs he would include in an epic Jurassic Park rerun — and it seems he has a serious preference for the carnivores (me too, Nizar). Then, Steve takes us through the legend of Chessy, the Chesapeake Bay river monster that is somewhere between an eel and a horse (?) Emmy also dives into the equally as perplexing mokele mbembe, a 75-foot long dinosaur that allegedly lives in the Congo, but somehow has avoided everyone on the region for 65 million years. Sign him up for my hide n seek team. Steve and Emmy cap off the episode with some of the craziest dog laws, brought to you by our new Partner, TailTrax.Tune in to make sure you’re in compliance with these wacky laws! You can learn more about Dino Mania here.

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