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HOUR ONE: “It was a terrible sight… I have seen horrible sights, but never anything like this.” Those were the words of the local undertaker after seeing the results of a triple murder laying before him in 1932 Pennsylvania. (The Axe Murders of Lykens) *** A gypsy once told Leonarda that all of her children would die before her. A different fortuneteller told her that she faced either a future in prison or in a criminal asylum. And the reason she gave for becoming a serial killer is something you’d hear out of a bad direct-to-video horror film. And that’s a tiny sample of this woman’s insanely dark life – which began even before her birth. (The Woman Who Made Soap) *** Ireland’s Loftus Hall is considered by many to be the most haunted location on all the Emerald Isle. But the most infamous story of Loftus Hall begins not with terror, but with romance… with a beautiful young girl falling madly in love with… the devil. (The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Devil) ==========
HOUR TWO: 7-year-old Maria went missing in 1957, and while her body was later found, her murder was never solved and the case went cold – until 50 years later when the case was finally solved and closed. But it turns out everybody was wrong. (A Cold Case Finally Solved… Then Unsolved) *** If you take State Route 375 through Nevada you will pass by the infamous Area-51. But of course they are not going to let you in, even if you ask nicely. But State Route 375 isn’t called the Extraterrestrial Highway just because of one area you can’t visit – there’s a lot more to it than that. (The 98-Mile Extraterrestrial Highway) *** Hikers sometimes get lost in the woods, as do children of course. But those on bikes almost never disappear; but there is one tragic case of a fat tire rider who couldn’t be found. (The Vanished Mountain Biker) *** In 1910 two witnesses see a pair of lights that transform into radiant beings with “human form.” You might dismiss the report as misidentification of ball lightning or some other natural explanation – but in 1952 those radiant humanoid beings of light were seen again! (Close Encounters of the Fairy Kind)
SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME: More of the story of Ireland’s Loftus Hall and the young girl who fell in love with the devil! (The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Devil) *** Chlorosis was a frequently diagnosed disease during the 19th century that gave the skin of the afflicted a greenish tinge. As a cure, doctors told young women to get married and reproduce. As you can probably surmise, the cure was not in the least bit effective. (The Girls Who Turned Green) *** Have you heard of the poor girl who was bullied and pushed down into a sewer by those whom she thought were her friends? I’ll tell you the story. And while this episode is not a creepypasta episode, so all the stories are supposed to be non-fiction, that is… true, I will be sharing this urban legend anyway – because when it comes to urban legends, sometimes it’s best to err on the side of caution and simply assume they are true. (The Urban Legend of Carmen Winstead) *** Weirdo Family member Brad Hicks describes the experience as “cool… and creepy as hell”. We’ll tell you his story. (The Thing In The Light) *** More of the story of Ireland’s Loftus Hall and the young girl who fell in love with the devil! (The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Devil)
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