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#WeirdDarkness: “WHITE WASHING OF A BLACK FLORIDA TOWN” and More Terrifying True Stories!

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#WeirdDarkness: “WHITE WASHING OF A BLACK FLORIDA TOWN” and More Terrifying True Stories!
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(Weekend Archive Episode: originally aired May 04, 2018)
IN THIS EPISODE: A white mob wiped this all-black Florida town off the map. 60 years later their story was finally told. The tragic story of how racism destroyed Rosewood, Florida. (White Washing Of A Black Florida Town) *** 
For nine years, a family in South Wales experiences activity that defies rational explanation! (The Ghost of Gladstone Villa) *** Amidst the tree-lined streets of Alpine, New Jersey stands an ominous tower with a haunting reputation. (The History of the Devil’s Tower) *** On November 24, 1971, one of the most famous disappearances in the annals of American crime took place in thin air. (The Disappearance of D.B. Cooper)
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