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Voice artist Darren Marlar narrates true stories of real paranormal events and true crime.

#WeirdDarkness: “THE RAVEN MOCKER” and 5 More Creepy True Paranormal Stories!

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#WeirdDarkness: “THE RAVEN MOCKER” and 5 More Creepy True Paranormal Stories!
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IN THIS EPISODE: A girl’s younger sister keeps seeing things that don’t exist – until the truth is revealed when older sis is moving out. (Secrets Between Sisters) *** It’s called the Chronovisor – and it is said the device can look into events in the future as well as the past. Is it true? We may never know – the Vatican, the supposed owners of the device, are refusing to cooperate when questioned. (Does The Vatican Have a Time Machine?) *** An Alaskan hunter claims to have found a boy that had been kidnapped… not by humans or aliens, but by a mysterious creature knows as the ircerratt. (Abducted By The Ircenrratt) *** It is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the United States. But there are also tales of ghosts, a giant lake monster, unexplained disappearances, and murders. That’s only a sample of what you might find at Oregon’s Crater Lake. (The Creeps of Crater Lake) *** Weirdo family member Candice Cardenas tells of a haunting in her mobile home. (This Ghost Loves Brass) *** They’re powerful in the supernatural. Witches, demons and poltergeists fear them because they are not from our world. The Cherokee call them the Raven Mockers. (The Raven Mocker)
“The Raven Mocker” by Jeramy Neurign:
“Secrets Between Sister” posted at BackpackerVerse:
“Does The Vatican Have a Time Machine” posted at Disclose.TV:
“Abducted By The Ircenrraat” originally published in the Anchorage Daily News: no link available
“The Creeps of Crater Lake” by Christopher Schulz:
“This Ghost Loves Brass” submitted by Weirdo family member Candice Cardenas.
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