Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 1 – August 7, 2022

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Monday is the conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and North Node in Taurus, the most hyped astrological event of the summer… but will it be a dud? These are the speculations discussed in this week’s forecast, where I take an honest approach at the “doom” perspective of astrology and reveal that I’ve been pretty white pilled after last week’s new moon in Leo. Mercury enters its home sign of Virgo on Thursday, and by Sunday we have a square between Mars and Saturn. On paper, this is an aggressive, electrifying, and intense week according to astrology, but how are YOU feeling in your everyday life? It’s also my birthday this week, so show me some birthday love by liking, subscribing, commenting, writing a review, or signing up for my premium content on Rokfin!

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