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HOUR ONE: In the 1960s, Brian Leathley-Andrew investigated and reported on numerous cases of strange objects in the sky, trying to get to the truth of what people were seeing. But when sinister events began happening to him, he knew he had to walk away from his career in Ufology – or the government might make him go away. (UFO Hunter Becomes The Hunted) *** Saying the disappearance of David Glenn Lewis is bizarre doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. What started out as a strange missing person’s case would eventually be resolved. But the answer that would come would pose even more questions, proving the adage that “truth is stranger than fiction”. (The Disappearance of David Glenn Lewis) *** The idea of a person changing into a wolf, or shape-shifting into some type of animal or cryptid is mostly confined to the authors of fictional horror. But not all societies and cultures are so quick to label shape-shifting as make-believe. (Shapeshifters And Therianthropes)
HOUR TWO: “The Gadsden Hotel in Cochise County, Arizona” *** When you hear the name “Transylvania” the immediate image in your mind is probably that of Dracula. But this Romanian town has more creepiness than just the Count’s castle – it is also a hot spot for UFO activity and mysterious unexplained happenings. Some even think it could be the location of a portal to another dimension. (Is There A Dimensional Portal in Transylvania?) *** Sightings of unidentified flying objects might seem like a recent phenomena, with most reports occurring in the 20th and 21st centuries. But UFO sightings go a lot further back in human history – and our ancient ancestors were just as shocked, confused and sometimes terrified, as we are today. (Ancient UFO Sightings)
SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME: A man goes off for supplies, leaving his wife behind to tend to the home in his absence – but not only did he never come home with the groceries, but a ghost story grew out of it. (The Ghosts of Hunger Valley) *** A UFO incident which we have covered before, but is worth looking at again, is an incident in 1952. This was one of the first admitted entity sightings and probably also one of the earliest close encounters of the third kind investigated officially at the time it took place.
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