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We come in peace, weirdos!

Welcome to a brand new episode about a tried and true topic!  We are discussing ALIENS once again!  But this time we’re not looking in space, we’re not looking under the sea, we’re not even looking at Area 51 or on Mars.  This time we’re looking inside OURSELVES.

This week we are joined by musician and host of the podcast Goth Yearbook Afterhours – CAITLIN DEE!! 

Caitlin starts us off by telling us about a close encounter she had when she was a child and an experience she had as an adult that revamped her interests in ET.

Ashley teaches us the Close Encounter classifications and where they came from and how they are used!

And Lauren teaches us about the different species of extraterrestrial that supposedly exist in our universe- The Greys, the Nordics, reptilians and more!

Stay tuned for the very end of the episode to catch a preview of Catilin’s song “Trouble” and listen to her albums on Spotify! You can follow her on instagram @caitlindeeeee and @gothyearbook