Watched At Camp | Paranormal Podcast Ghost Stories

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Who or what is watching campers late at night while they try to have a peaceful night of camping. 

Here is a preview of the story. 

“As we were camping, I felt like I was being watched, so I turned to look at the chicken coop; in the window was a small boy, who looked to be about no more than five at most.  I asked the other kids with me at the time about him, and they did not see him.  The next day we went exploring in it even though we were told never to go in there for any reason, we looked around and found an odd box under the rotten floorboards, we also found little kid drawings that you could tell were there a long time, as well as several shotgun shells.  The friends we were staying with did not believe in guns there for never had any; we heard our parents all yell for us to get out of the chicken coop, so we ran out and went to the swing set to play instead.”

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