“Watch Party” REPLAY! 🎙 🎉 Exclusive, Behind the Scenes Tour: Tarot Exhibit…

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WATCH THE VIDEO VERSION HERE  👉 👉  https://bit.ly/watchparty08102022

Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle hosted a LIVE “Watch Party” this past Wednesday! 👉 We all watched Mary’s interview with Esotericism in Art Historian and Tarot Maestro Giordano Berti, and we got an exclusive, behind the scenes, tour of the “Tarot: Game, Divination, Magic. Historical Exhibition” in Finalborgo, Italy! 🤯💜🎉

Sponsored by: “The Tarot Guild” – the international organization for Tarot Lovers, Students, and Professional Readers, since 2004! www.TheTarotGuild.com

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