Wandering Through the News – March 4, 2023

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Seriah is joined by Super_Inframan and Chris Ernst to discuss recent weird news. Topics include a reporter’s strange experience with a chatbot, Joshua Cutchin’s encounter with an AI description of a book that does not (currently) exist, A.P. Strange, AI as a Trickster, simulacrums, “Society of the Spectacle”, Jean Baudrillard, wealthy doomsday preppers, Peter Theil, deep fake technology, Futurama, advertising in dreams, Tim Boucher, an AI-generated article about itself, quantum computing, scrying, AI as a less than fully conscious intelligent servant, fakery in paranormal photos and videos, a social media influencer targeted by deep-fake porn, changing social mores involving sexual material, tattoos and piercing, Portland OR, cultural norms, the history of fashion, neckties, lost origins of customary practices, critical thinking, political divisions, public distrust of the press, information overload, profit in the news business, the fairness doctrine in the FCC, the 24 hour news cycle, the cold war alliance between the CIA and the New York Times, algorithms, generational differences in news consumption, Tik-Tok, accuracy among various news networks, clickbait, ghost hunting TV shows, side-show gimmicks, alternative rock, “Jackass” and skater culture, the podcast “Wolf 359”, scientists predict collapse of human civilization due to deforestation, the Amazon rainforest, “Silent Running”, climate change, the ozone hole, fixable problems, the ubiquitous influence of money, a post-scarcity society, Adam Smith and capitalism, cronyism, possibly ancient machine tracks in Turkey, prehistoric wheel marks around the world, Graham Hancock, a vast network of linked Mayan cities connected by superhighways, Francisco de Orellana and possible massive lost civilizations in South America, European imperialism and archeology, the myth of progress, catastrophes, the danger of solar flares, the Carrington Event, Whitley Strieber, “Phantoms” by Dean Koontz, “The Rig” TV series, and much more! This is riveting, thought-provoking discussion!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music by Vrangvendt with What Happiness Feels Like