Wandering the Dark Road – July 16, 2022

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Seriah is joined by a crack team: Nathan Issacs, Taylor Bell, Chris Ernst, Octavian Graves, and Super_Inframan. Fascinating, wide-ranging discussion ensues. Topics include the Georgia Guidestones and their recent destruction, “R.C. Christian”, Dr. Future, “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” documentary, eugenics and extreme-right politics, the GG’s time capsule, Candace Taylor, second satanic panic, the Draper family in Kentucky, mythologies of Grey Aliens, Dan Burisch, Project Camelot, Bill Ryan, blue avions, Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, unsolved murders in Somerset KY, Clinton Kennedy Cundiff, the documentary “Hail Satan”, the Satanic Temple, Anton Lavey and the Church of Satan, Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set, historical evolutions of God and Satan, Ashtoreth, Pharaoh Akhenaten and monotheism, grimoires, Alister Crowley, right and left hand path occultism, ceremonial magick, chaos magick, Dr. Stephen Skinner, the Bate Cabal, the “Green Man Cult”, Welsh magicians in Somerset KY, randomness, art and magic, Peter J. Carroll, occult electronic machine art, Dan Dutton, magic in art, the child ballads and Wicca, art movements and magical revivals, John Cage and experimental jazz, the situationalist and surrealist artists, a deep mushroom experience, Robert Anton Wilson, ceremonial magick and paranormal beings, culturally instilled fears of occult subjects, ADHD and ceremonial magick, Grant Morrison, Jack Kirby, the “motherbox”, sigils in different contexts, tulpas, data mining and the paranormal, AI and magick, internet egregores, computers doing rituals, Michael Hughes, magical rituals to influence politics, data analyics and the occult, electronic divination, the CCRU and Nick Land, accelerationism, neo-fascism, bitcoin, transhumanism, altering consciousness through technology, and much more! TBH, this episode is about as good as it gets!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is The Scarlet Ending with Such a Shame