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Are you ready to open The Ghost Files? Karina Machado – author of Spirit Sisters and Love Never Dies – has spent a lifetime listening to real people’s real stories of spooky encounters. Now, tune in to The Ghost Files podcast every week as Karina brings you a spine-tingling conversation with an everyday person who’s had a brush with something out of this world – from chilling apparitions, to mysterious signs from beyond, visits from late loved ones, and much more, these moments are inexplicable and compelling. The people opening up about their experiences could be your neighbour, hairdresser or the mum at the school gate … because, after all, everyone’s got a story. Subscribe to The Ghost Files for your weekly fix of all new stories of the unexplained.

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Voices From Beyond

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Jules works in the corporate world. It’s not unusual for him to be sitting in a meeting, swatting away the voices of his colleagues’ late loved ones who hound him to pass on a message. Business and spirit don’t mix, he’s found, so he keeps quiet about these things.


He was 20 when he experienced one of the first voices from beyond reaching out to him. Visiting a friend in Sydney’s inner city, Jules stayed in “a thundering big, rundown, two-storey Victorian terrace,” he recalls. “I had one of the most vivid dreams I had ever encountered. I was on a bus in what felt like the 1960s or 1970s, and I was probably in Sydney,” remembers Jules, who then lived in Brisbane. In the dream, Jules witnessed a drunken man physically abusing an Indigenous woman. “She was on the floor of the bus and no-one did a thing,” says Jules, sadly. “She looked at me in the dream and reached out her hand and I heard, ‘Please help me.’ With that, I awoke suddenly as someone sat on my feet at the end of the bed! There was a large indent on my bed where my feet were.”


Startled and now wide awake, Jules sprang from the bed. The house was empty, all the residents at work. After a few other uncanny events, he sat down to try to connect. “I simply told her that I heard her and that she was no longer able to be abused, that she was safe from the man and that I was so sorry for her situation,” remembers Jules, who shared this story, and others, with me on the podcast recently.


It’s a profoundly moving story, as are all ghost stories that help us remember, honour – and empathise with – someone who time may have otherwise forgotten.



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