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A child deals with unexplained voices in his room late at night. Does he ever find an explanation or source of the words whispered in his ear?

Here is a preview of the story.
“She would jump up out of a deep sleep, look toward the window and bark and growl, she did this quite often. My big experience in this house happened not long before we moved out. The bedroom doors were original to the house. They were thick and heavy and did not have locks. I was fifteen and wanted my privacy, so my parents bought me a chain lock. It was one of the locks like you place on an outside door for extra protection. One weekend night, I was laying on my bed watching The Golden Girls on TV, and at some point, I started to drift off. I was half-asleep to the point I could hear the TV in the background, but I was also aware that I was falling asleep. I suddenly felt and heard someone whispering in my ear. Their “breath” was hitting my neck, and my ear rapidly in a frantic type of way. They were saying my name and “wake up! You have to wake up!” It clicked in my head that it was my little brother, and something was wrong. I sat straight up in my bed, panicked and said: “Garrett, what’s wrong, are you ok?” He was not in the room.”

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