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Go into the light!! 

Or stay away from the light?  Are we supposed to go towards the light or run away from it?  Welcome, weirdos to the second half of our NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES series!! 

This week we’re trying to answer even more questions about elements of NDEs that have been experienced by millions of people all over the world.

Is there a scientific explanation for why dying people usually report seeing dead loved ones around them sometimes weeks before they pass?  Is it something psychological or are they actually coming around to help us transition?

What about people who claim to have met God?  Or seen what they can only describe as “heaven?”  How do they cope after coming back to reality after being in a place so perfect and peaceful?  Does that place even really exist?

Dying is the scariest thing we’ll ever do and it’s something EVERY single one of us will experience.  But hopefully we can make you feel a little bit better about what awaits you on the other side…