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What or who was the spirit that got far too physical with a couple in their home?
Here is a preview of the story.
“I grew up in a haunted house for 18 years.  Beautiful home with a full basement.  This house at one point had been owned by my great Uncle and he died in the hospital due to cancer.  He has most definitely been spotted as one of the presences in that house by several people.  So many things happened in this house but very little was a repeat incident. The only things we witnessed multiple times were the sounds of someone walking up the stairs from the basement, the sound of someone jumping in the pool in the backyard and radios always being dialed into Christian stations whenever you turned them on.  Note we didn’t listen to the Christian station, we have nothing against it just it isn’t our station of choice.  Good luck getting anything other than Christian music to play in the basement.  Once when my brother had moved back home and was staying in a makeshift room in the basement, he heard a male person singing hymns in the downstairs bathroom and was not playing any radio.  
I had seen a pair of legs walk past my room down the hall with no body past the waist, my sister and husband had seen a man on the main floor.  That was Uncle Bobby who’d passed away years before.  During a pool party we were having once I was flitting about the house, which was empty, making noises as young kids do and being silly.  When I heard from the den the sound of newspaper rustling and a man say, ” Would you cut that out!”.  I did and stayed outside until more people came in.  My husband was sitting in the den when we first started dating and jumped and accused us of smacking him in the head.  No one had touched him though.”

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