Victorio Peak Treasure

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This week on Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how the story of human migration is undergoing a dramatic revision. Once, archaeologists believed that Homo sapiens journeyed from this origin point and outwards to Europe and Asia about 60,000 years ago. But that tidy story no longer holds up. As evidence accumulates that the history of human origins and development was much messier, with H. sapiens overlapping and interbreeding with other hominins, the concept of a single great migration from Africa is also losing ground. Then, a woman has a glitch in time one night while driving.

After the break Cam brings up the strange legend of the Victorio Peak Treasure. Victorio Peak, a craggy outcropping of rock barely five hundred feet tall, lies in the center of a dry desert lake known as the Hembrillo Basin. Beyond the Hembrillo Basin is a hundred mile stretch of desert known as the Jornada del Muerto. Victorio Peak, located in northern Dona Ana County, now lies within the White Sands Missile Range in south central New Mexico. However, long before Victorio Peak was encompassed by the government, a man by the name of Milton Ernest “Doc” Noss spent some time exploring Victorio Peak while on a deer hunt. Inside he found a hoard of treasure including coins, jewels, saddles and priceless artifacts including a gold statue of the Virgin Mary. He also found some old letters, the most recent of which was dated 1880. This treasure was only the beginning. In a deeper cavern, Doc found what he thought was a stack of worthless iron bars. He estimated there were thousands of these bars, each weighing over forty pounds stacked against a wall. He was barely able to lift one, much less think of carrying it back to the surface. Later, the wealth in the cave would be calculated to be worth more than two billion dollars. But he would never obtain all of the treasure, it seems that the government swooped in and took it all. Others claim it was a giant hoax!

All of this and more on this weeks episode of Expanded Perspectives!

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