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The YouTube live chat last night, just the stories. Join me on Splatterday Nightmares on on the Spooky Boo Rhodes channel on YouTube to listen to repeat Sundays or listen to them here. https://www.youtube.com/@spookyboorhodes

Two terrifying stories about children and vampires from the creepypasta and true scary stories website.
Story Number 1
Feral Vampire Children
by Spooky Boo Rhodes
Story Number 2
The Ursuline Convent
Written by LadyAbsu

TITLE►► The Vampire of Sandcastle
AUTHOR►► Spooky Boo Rhodes
LINK►► https://www.amazon.com/BOO-RHODES/e/B07JN1TM7H
TITLE►► Rain and Thunderstorms
CREATOR►► Spooky Boo
DESCRIPTION►► A rare rain and thunderstorm in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Are there vampires on the Dark Web?
Background sound by MYUU

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